Indoor and Outdoor Heaters

Sitting in the garden is a pleasure all too often ruined by chilly temperatures. Could an outdoor heater be the answer? Restaurants, wine bar, public house and hotel owners are amongst many who have experienced the commercial benefits of patio heating. Now you to can enjoy the outdoors with all year round warmth.

How they work? Short wave ‘Quartz’ heaters produce radiant heat like the sun, warming people and objects and not the air in between, producing the only form of heat that will not blow away. This makes them ideal for any draughty areas both inside and out.

Benefits – directional heat, instant heat, silent in operation, low running costs (costs less than 10p an hour to run (based on electricity costs of 7p/kW hour). All heaters meet with European electrical safety standards. CE approved.



 Robust steel body, decorative cast iron base.

Designed for permanent fixture.

The heater can be specified Green or Antique Silver.


Ibiza Indoor Heaters

1.5kW Philips Gold Series Quartz lamp emits both radiant heat and a pleasant golden ambient light.

They are ideal for sheds, attics, conservatories, greenhouses and covered patio areas. Heater housed in a powder coated steel casing designed to remain cool.

Meets with all European electrical safety standards. CE approved.



Algarve Indoor/Outdoor use

1.3kW Gold Series Dichroic lamp emits both radiant heat and a pleasant golden ambient light.

IP54 rated means that they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Housed in green/black weatherproof casing with specially formulated toughened safety glass.

Here’s very good information on troubleshooting and maintaining your heaters particularly propane heaters in your patio:


Expert Advice on Creating a Great Garden For Barbecues


The garden is an extension of the home; a majority of people do not seem to know and see its value. Nevertheless, it is not too late to start working on your garden now.

Nature and relaxation can be equated to gardens. You can be one with the environment as you take in the plants and flowers around you. Your garden can be a place of rest and recreation; even the simple looking up to the sky can ease those with heavy hearts and minds. You can play and bask under the sunshine, or even run around when the rain pours. Most especially, events like birthdays, weddings or even simple barbecue parties can be held in the coziness and security of your own garden.

Now, how can you create a great garden for, let’s say, barbecues, where you can entertain and enjoy with family and friends?

The first stage would be to identify the size – how big and how wide – your garden space is. You have to see the extent of work you will have to do and you have to consider your budget as well. When that is out of the way, think over your garden design: what do you want to put, where do you want to put it exactly and what style do you want to emulate. Take, for example, you want a flower bed or perhaps a bench or a sitting area. Then look into your garden space and see where you want them to be positioned. Or maybe you only aspire for a herb garden and nothing else. Decide on what you like and make great and effective use of your garden.

And if you are going for a barbecue friendly place, it is wise and best to place plants and other flammable things away from the barbecue area or where electronics are plugged. This, again, brings us back to the proper and sensible arrangement of your garden items. Safety is of course a vital element that should not be overlooked.

There are people who can be of help for your garden needs and that is the landscaper. The landscaper, by definition, is an artistic arranger and designer of grounds. He or she is in charge of creating and maintaining gardens, parks and other outdoor areas. So, when you are in doubt on what you can possibly do as you work on your garden, or you want more advices, you can definitely go and contact a landscaper.

When you are looking for one, you can check out Upper Holloway landscapers and North London landscape gardeners via the Highgate Landscapes. It is a wonderful team that creates beautiful gardens for you. They provide full design, construction and even maintenance as you them into service. They are also open to your specific preferences and they will surely work around them.

Bottom line, the splendor and purpose of the garden will depend largely on its owners. You can choose to leave as it is or use to its full advantage.

Keeping the Bugs Off Your Patio

Here’s an all natural advise on keeping the bugs off your patio that you can spray once a week. That way, you can enjoy your patio without the bugs.

Or you can try these products as well:


Flytrap Reflector
Indoor Flykiller

A Durable Solution for Insect Control in the Home.
The light and sound attract the insects towards the Flytrap, then they get trapped by the glue.
A Glue Bar is supplied and can also be bought seperately.

  • Ease of Service
  • Simple Operation
  • Luring UV Tube (15 Watt)
  • Large Coverage (20 sq. m)
  • Stylish Design
  • Low Voltage


    Indoor Flykiller

    A Durable Solution for Insect Control in the Home

  • Ease of Service
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Luring UV Tube (8 Watt)
  • Large Coverage (25 sq. m)
  • Low Cost
  • Low Voltage